In Tanzania Schools today, many School Managers and Principle are lacking the opportunity to manage their administrative activities using technological advancements such as Mobile Phones, Tablets, Computers and Internet. Currently it is difficult for School Managers and Principles to know in real time how many students are attending classes, the Parents’ contact details of each student, or generating reports on school fee payments for each student. These are just some of the many solutions we are providing with our eSchool (School Management System) under qd Consult (T) Ltd.

The companies intend to partner with Ministry of Education and Information technology, Individual Secondary Schools, the private and public sector institutions to make this project a success in Tanzania. This is thought to contribute positively to the development of education in Tanzania as the system will give privileges to school Administrators, Teachers, Students and Parents to send and access vital information on students and the school activities. What is even better is that the system will be Mobile responsive which means that users (i.e. Parents, Teachers, Students and Admin) will be able to access the system on their Mobile phones or Tablets (like Facebook). Imagine a system that provides privilege for a parent to know which subject a child attended on a particular day, how much fee already played, which score attained by his children regardless of the distance and place between them.

This project will start with a pilot project in September 2018 and will involve at least three (3) schools from Dar es Salaam. Then a Fifty-Plus (50+) project will commence in November 2018 with first identifying fifty (50) secondary school that could participate. The criteria for participation will be quite simple; all it will take is for school managers to indicate their interest to participate by Year Subscription of a System for their school currently going Tshs. 250,000.00 per year only. A free live presentation will be done at their school to just let a feel of the system by the Admin and Teachers. Then a customer Version with 12 months free technical support and update will be installed on a server of their choice. We will be looking out for the private and public sector institutions to support the schools to meet other costs such as Training and Customization of the eSchool System to meet the needs of school managers in Tanzania.